Health Care Fraud Cases

Take A Stand Against Healthcare Fraud

The False Claims Act allows one person to blow the whistle on healthcare fraud. Through a healthcare fraud qui tam lawsuit and with the help of a whistleblower lawyer, you have the potential power to stop the billions of dollars that are wasted each year on fraudulent or false healthcare claims.

At The Whistleblower Law Firm, our team of experienced qui tam attorneys works with individuals nationwide who have evidence of healthcare fraud and who want to take a stand to stop it. For a free consultation with a whistleblower lawyer, contact our office online or at 866-558-4259.

Pursuing A Healthcare Fraud Case

Health care fraud can include Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud and pharmaceutical fraud; the following are examples of health care fraud settlements that were reached with the help of whistleblowers just like you:

  • $3 billion for illegal marketing of prescription drugs by GlaxoSmithKline
  • $121 million for insurance fraud related to home health care services that were not rendered by Maxim Healthcare Services, Inc., but for which Medicaid was still billed
  • $34 million for medical billing fraud and abuse by 55 hospitals across the United States related to a back procedure called kyphoplasty.
  • $26 million for overbilling outpatient procedures at inpatient costs by Shands Healthcare

Billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted each year on false claims for reimbursement from government healthcare programs. The best line of defense against this blatant abuse of healthcare systems is a healthcare fraud qui tam lawsuit. However, these lawsuits are only possible when individual whistleblowers have the information, evidence and courage to take a stand against the fraudulent practices.

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