Whistleblower Medicare Fraud

Whistleblower Medicare Fraud

Billions of U.S. tax dollars are wasted every year as the result of Medicare and Medicaid fraud. When a hospital, doctor's office or other medical professional bills Medicare for treatment or tests that you never received or for an amount that is more than the cost of the treatment you received, that person or business is committing Medicare fraud.

The medical business is profiting from illegal billing practices at the expense of the taxpayers and others who rely on Medicare to fund their basic health care needs. This type of medical billing is illegal and defrauds both federal and state health care funds out of millions of dollars every year. It is important to report Medicare fraud quickly upon learning of the illegal business practice in order to receive whistleblower protection.

If you work for a healthcare provider that is engaging in these illegal practices, you may be entitled to a reward if you come forward and blow the whistle to report Medicare or Medicaid fraud. You will also help eliminate Medicare fraud which will, in turn reduce healthcare costs for families, businesses and the federal government.

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What Is Medicare Fraud?

Medicare fraud is similar to insurance fraud. Fraud occurs when health care providers suppliers bill Medicare for:

  • Services which were never provided
  • Treatment, equipment and/or services that are not medicaly necessary
  • Medical equipment which was never provided

Medicare fraud is not always obvious. Other examples of Medicare fraud include:

  • Upcoding or using the wrong HCPCS code to overcharge Medicare for treatment or medical equipment
  • Unbundling or using multiple billing codes for tests to which Medicare has assigned a single billing code
  • Falsifying identity or using someone else's Medicare number to bill for services
  • Continuing to bill for medical equipment after it was returned
  • Submitting false "cost reports" that include non-reimbursable expenses

The economic harm caused by Medicare and Medicaid fraud is astronomical. The costs of fraud and illegal business practices in the health care industry hurt every American by increasing health insurance premiums and taxes. You can take steps to stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud in Miami, elsewhere in Florida and throughout the United States by speaking with a whistleblower attorney at our law firm.

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