How to Report Insurance Fraud

Insurance Fraud Compensation Reward

The government offers numerous types of insurance to individuals and businesses. From mortgage insurance to workers' compensation insurance to health care insurance, many Americans rely on important insurance benefits offered by federal and state governments. When businesses or individuals engage in insurance fraud, other consumers and the taxpaying public are harmed.

When you realize insurance fraud has occurred, contact the Whistleblower Law Firm or call us at 1-866-558-4259 to schedule your free, confidential consultation. Our whistleblower lawyers help clients throughout the U.S. with whistleblower protection and qui tam claims.

How to Report Insurance Fraud in the U.S.

Reporting insurance fraud is very important to hold the corrupt individual or business responsible for the harm caused. Each year, thousands of false or fraudulent insurance claims result in millions of dollars in insurance distributions.

The first step in the process of reporting insurance fraud is to contact a whistleblower lawyer at the Whistleblower Law Firm. We will keep your personal information strictly confidential while we investigate whether you have a state or federal whistleblower or qui tam claim.

It's important to work with a whistleblower attorney quickly after learning of insurance fraud. The first to file a whistleblower claim is usually the only person who is able to share in the whistleblower claim and monetary compensation if the claim is successful.

Contact Insurance Fraud Attorneys

Contact us at the Whistleblower Law Firm or call our law office at 1-866-558-4259 to schedule your free, confidential consultation. It's important to discuss insurance fraud with a nationwide whistleblower lawyer who can hold the business accountable for the fraud and prevent further harm to consumers.