Mortgage Fraud

How to Report Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud wreaks havoc on the housing market and the people who buy, sell or own commercial and residential property. If you become aware of mortgage fraud, it's critical that you immediately take steps to report it. Blowing the whistle on mortgage fraud can bring significant rewards to the whistleblower.

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Steps for Reporting Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is a broad term encompassing a variety of illegal actions, including:

  • Preparing false purchase agreements
  • Violating federal or state regulations to qualify to buy, sell or own a home
  • Selling a home to a fake buyer
  • Participating in a foreclosure scheme to defraud homeowners in default
  • Appraising a home for more than it is worth

Depending on whether there is a state or federal mortgage law providing the whistleblower protection, the steps for reporting business fraud may differ. In general, however, it is always best to contact an attorney who can guide you through the process of filing a claim for mortgage fraud.

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