Reporting Illegal Business Practices

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When you recognize that your employer or a business that you're familiar with is violating the law, you are likely concerned about how to proceed. Questions about what to do next will likely be at the top of your mind.

At the Whistleblower Law Firm, we can help. We offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss your claim with you and help you understand how to move forward in reporting the corporate fraud or wrongdoing.

When blowing the whistle on fraud and wrongdoing is your only option, turn to the Whistleblower Law Firm, a nationwide law office. Our whistleblower attorneys have more than 200 years of combined experience. We will use our significant experience to fight for your rights and the compensation that you deserve for taking action to stop fraud or wrongdoing.

Corporate Wrongdoing Comes in Many Forms

Businesses, both large and small, routinely violate important laws that are meant to prevent mismanagement of funds and serious safety issues. A few of the types of violations include:

  • Federal whistleblower protection act violations: The False Claims Act and the Whistleblower Protection Act both offer whistleblower protections. The False Claims Act protects individuals who desire to blow the whistle on false claims made to the government, whereas the Whistleblower Protection Act extends protection to government workers who report wrongdoing by governmental agencies.
  • Fraud: A variety of fraud offenses may trigger whistleblower protection, including Medicare fraud, Medicaid fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, government and defense contract fraud and government benefits fraud. Fraud is likely present when a company uses money illegally, fails to report income or falsifies financial documents, overbills, or bills for services or goods that were never provided.
  • Safety or public interest violations: Certain agencies, including the Food and Drug Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, pass important regulations for safety and health purposes. When businesses intentionally violate the rules of these agencies, reporting the wrongdoing is, in many cases, an action protected by whistleblower laws.

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