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With more than 200 years of combined of federal and state litigation experience, the whistleblower attorneys at the Whistleblower Law Firm are prepared to help answer all of your qui tam or whistleblower questions anywhere in the U.S. All whistleblower cases are handled on a contingency basis, and we offer a free, confidential consultation to discuss your whistleblower situation.

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Considering blowing the whistle on illegal business practices is a big decision. We understand that, which is why we want you to be fully informed about whistleblower laws. At the Whistleblower Law Firm, we can help you with answers to the following critical questions:

Understanding whether you have a possible whistleblower claim is best left to an experienced whistleblower attorney. When you call us to schedule a free, confidential consultation, we will conduct a thorough interview to help us understand whether you have a strong whistleblower claim. We will also be able to answer your important questions about your particular situation.

While the rewards and risks of reporting a whistleblower claim will depend on specific circumstances such as the employer violation, the employer and your employment status, there are some basic risks and rewards that are present in every claim.

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When you've witnessed corporate wrongdoing, hiring a whistleblower lawyer may be the best decision you'll make. At the Whistleblower Law Firm, our experienced attorneys are prepared to fight for your rights, relying on their more than 200 years of combined experience. We have handled complex federal and state cases throughout the country.

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