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Whistleblower Protection And Representation In Orlando

Fighting corporate wrongdoing starts with one voice. One voice that is willing to tell an attorney exactly what a business is doing that violates federal or state laws and provide evidence to support that claim. The taxpayers depend on one voice – that of a whistleblower who can file a whistleblower lawsuit, qui tam lawsuit or False Claims Act lawsuit. Many millions of dollars are recovered for the governments of the United States and the individual states through whistleblower lawsuits every year.

At the Whistleblower Law Firm, we represent individuals in Orlando and throughout Florida with knowledge of corporate wrongdoing. Whether it's tax fraud, pharmaceutical fraud, government contracting fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud or some other illegal practice, with more than 200 years of combined experience our Orlando whistleblower protection attorneys can help you be that one voice.

Stopping Illegal Business Practices In Orlando

A whistleblower can be anyone, but is often a current employee, a former or retired employee or a contractor who has firsthand knowledge of a business' illegal or fraudulent activities. Blowing the whistle on a company's bad acts is not without risks, but the rewards often outweigh those risks.

Corporations thrive in Orlando because of the people here who work tirelessly every day driving those businesses toward success. The majority of these workers, executives and businesses operate according to the laws of Florida and the United States.

When one doesn't, however, it is up to individuals with knowledge of the company's illegal or unfair business practices to stand up and to use their voice to stop the bad acts that lead to fraud at the expense of the rest of us.

Blow The Whistle On Fraud In Orlando

If you have first-hand knowledge of illegal business practices going on in and around Orlando, Florida, the Whistleblower Law Firm can help you take steps to put a stop to it. Becoming a whistleblower starts with talking to an experienced whistleblower lawyer who can pursue your case, assert your rights and protect you in the process.

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