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To stop fraud, there are federal and state laws that reward individuals who report fraud against the government. When a Philadelphia business acts illegally by committing fraud or serious safety violations, someone who wishes to "blow the whistle" with a whistleblower or qui tam action should seek the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

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The Whistleblower Law Firm protects the rights of whistleblowers throughout the country. Our whistleblower attorneys have significant litigation experience and are prepared to rely on that experience in uncovering corporate wrongdoing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia Whistleblower Lawyers

Philadelphia is home to numerous corporate headquarters. With thousands of large employers throughout Pennsylvania, these are just a few in Philadelphia:

  • Sunoco
  • Comcast
  • Cigna
  • Aramark

Most business executives and managers act ethically and avoid engaging in illegal practices in all of their businesses. The ones who don't, however, should be held accountable for corporate wrongdoing such as tax fraud, advertising fraud or safety violations. Illegal business practices hurt employees, consumers and other businesses.

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