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Each year, the government loses money due to fraud and misconduct by companies that interact with it. At the Whistleblower Law Firm, our team understands the personal and professional risks that whistleblowers take when they expose fraud against the government. If you have information about fraud involving the misuse of government funds in the Philadelphia area, you can seek the help of a qui tam attorney who can explore the details of your case.

Holding Companies Accountable for Defrauding the Government

Whistleblower claims take many forms and reach across virtually all industries. Pennsylvania’s whistleblower laws apply when there is wrongdoing by a public body, which may include any company that directly or indirectly receives funding from the state. In some cases, a private employer may fall within the scope of these laws if it was created by or receives funding from a public body. In general, however, Pennsylvania’s whistleblower laws are intended to protect employees who expose fraud or wrongdoing related to government funds.

Wrongdoing can encompass a broad range of acts, including violating a federal, state, or local statute or law as well as a municipal ordinance or a code of conduct or ethics designed to shield the interests of the public. The major concern for employees reporting misconduct is the possibility of retaliation by the employer. Retaliation is any adverse action taken by the employer towards the employee, such as termination, demotion, suspension, harassment, intimidation, and anything else that negatively affects the employee.

An individual who believes he or she was retaliated against in contravention of Pennsylvania’s whistleblower laws must file a lawsuit within 180 days. If an employee prevails, he or she may be entitled to remedies such as reinstatement of employment and benefits, payment of back pay, and any other actual damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

It is important to note that an employee must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that, before the alleged retaliation, the employee had reported or was about to report fraud or wrongdoing. The report must be made in good faith. The employee must further establish through facts and circumstances that the report was the cause of the retaliatory action against him or her. An employer can defend against a whistleblower claim by showing that the action taken against the employee took place for legitimate reasons. At this point, the burden shifts back to the employee to show that the employer’s reasons for the adverse action were merely a pretext.

Contact a Whistleblower Attorney to Help Report Corporate Misconduct in Philadelphia

In cases based on wrongdoing by businesses against the government, privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance. Our knowledgeable whistleblower lawyers can navigate this process on behalf of Philadelphia residents. We can discuss the viability of your potential claim as well as your rights against retaliation. We represent whistleblowers in a wide range of industries throughout the United States. To learn more about your rights and options, do not hesitate to call us at 800-982-1904 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.